What We Do

We specialize in providing quality synthetic urine belts for both males and females at a low cost. Our products can help pull off the funniest pranks, create the best gags, or assist with faking urine samples. With all our products, OUR COMPANY offers confidential labeling, fast shipping, and great customer service. Whatever your urine belt need is, the team at OUR COMPANY is here for you.

Our Products

If you want a realistic urination experience, we offer incognito urine belts with a prosthetic penis or bladder packs, both which can do the tinkling for you and work for either gender. Just insert the proven, detoxed, synthetic urine into the belt or bladder for the full effect, and purchase refills from us when you run out. This unisex synthetic urine is undetectable in lab results and will come out toxin free, guaranteed. Our store also includes straps, belts, and holders for added comfort and security for your device.
All our merchandise is safe to use and surprisingly realistic. As a part of our commitment to you, our devices are easy to use, usually with limited preparation time so you can use the product the same day. If the instructions are followed, we can guarantee the results you want!
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Shipping and Privacy

A fake penis or a vial of synthetic pee are sensitive products, so when you find the perfect product, we’ll quickly ship it in an unmarked box that doesn’t raise any eyebrows. Your privacy is very important to us at OUR COMPANY, so we promise never to share your information with anyone. If you have any questions about our commitment your privacy or the shipping process, don’t hesitate to call us at 866.420.7229 or contact us by email at info@suntheticurinebelt.com.


By placing an order with Syntheticurinebelt.com you agree not to use any of our products to defraud any test for illegal drugs. Syntheticurinebelt.com takes no responsibility for what you do with any of the products purchased from this website. The products on this website are not intended to violate any laws and are not for sale where prohibited